Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental practice with origins in ancient India. It combines meditation and movement that helps the body and mind to stretch, balance, strengthen, and focus. Yoga has spread to the United States and it’s a popular alternative therapy practice and those who have obtained a Master’s in Health Administration and are employed in select capacities, might recommend incorporating yoga into one’s routine. These resources can help out people who are new to yoga and those who have a regular practice.


  • A Brief History of Yoga: Learn how yoga evolved from a Hindu spiritual practice to a trendy fitness regimen and Western medical practice.
  • Yoga: Its Origin History and Development: Yoga is both an art and a science. This article discusses the history of yoga and how it incorporates spiritual practice with subtle science.
  • Yoga History: The casual yogi knows the poses, but this article will help you learn more about yoga’s spiritual connections to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
  • Yoga, Brief History of an Idea: Some people think of yoga as an ancient and unchanged practice, but the truth is, yoga has evolved over time and continues to grow and change.
  • Yoga Lineage: Find out how the history of yoga effects the practice you participate in today.
  • The History of Yoga: Ancient or Present Practice: Take a look at the timeline of yoga to learn about its evolution from ancient tradition to your practice today.
  • Those Yoga Poses May Not Be Ancient After All: How different is modern yoga from ancient yoga? This article will shed some light on the subject.
  • Yoga Time – History of Yoga: Much of the history of yoga is mysterious, but we have been able to build loose timelines. This article separates the progression into four different periods.

Health Benefits

Basics and Poses

  • Yoga Poses for Better Bone Health: These 12 moves can strengthen your skeleton.
  • 10 Yoga Poses to Beat Stress: There’s a reason yoga is associated with a “Zen” attitude. The poses in this article can put you in a relaxed state of mind.
  • Yoga for Kids: Yoga is fun for the whole family. Here are some poses that can get your kids stretching and strengthening with you.
  • Yoga for Everyone: Are you new to yoga? Here are the 10 most important poses to know.
  • Yoga Poses for Beginners: The poses featured in this article will make you stronger and more flexible so you can be open to learning more poses.
  • Yoga Poses: This pose library has sorted poses into different categories so you can find what you need using the search functions, whether you are looking for specific health benefits, pose types, and areas of the body.
  • Do Yoga With Me: Sort poses by difficulty, position, and body part, then choose a video to learn a new pose.
  • Yoga with Adriene: This popular YouTube creator has developed several series of free videos and yoga challenges.
  • 8 Yoga Poses for Winter: These poses will warm you up in the cold months!
  • 12 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses: Many of us spend a lot of time sitting – at our desks, in the car, on the couch. This can lead to back and hip pain, but these yoga poses can open up your hips and align your back.
  • 12 Yoga Poses for People Who Aren’t Flexible: Yoga truly is for everyone. Many people are afraid to try because they don’t feel flexible. This article will show that there are poses that can introduce anyone to practicing yoga.


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