Insight Timer (Dr Linda Kantor’s Free MP3’s)
Dr. Linda Kantor is a Counselling Psychologist, Mindfulness trainer, Hypnotherapist, and Yoga Teacher based in Cape Town, South Africa. Linda is passionate and dedicated to the work of bringing heartful awareness, wisdom, and compassion into the lives of individuals and organizations. Learn to be present to the moment, to flow with beauty, and ride the tides. Touch the magic and mystery of work and life! She is bringing you an assortment of her own recordings/MP3’s for free on Insight Timer. Just click on the Link above and type her the name in the Search Bar, Linda Kantor or Dr Linda Kantor, and you will be able to access her works.

GuruRamDas Yoga Studio
Amidst the cacophony of everyday life, it is not always easy to hear the inner voice that guides you to the right place. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and let out an audible sound […] you have found GURURAMDAS, where you experience the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty. It is like coming home!

Hot Dog Yoga Studio
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