I have worked as a psychologist since 1994 and deeply value the space of being able to hold another, through the difficulties of life, and towards an existence that is more authentic, connected and heartful. Each client has a unique journey and I feel privileged to share that with him or her. Mindfulness is my primary modality and I also incorporate depth psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy.

Clients can also contract to learn mindfulness in a one-to-one format session, face to face and online – this allows for an exploration of:

  • The power of thoughts and perception
  • The journey of self-compassion and acceptance
  • How to cultivate more awareness of body sensations and emotions as a path to healing
  • The difference between reacting and responding, and the journey towards a more present centred, meaningful and manageable life

Therapy and mindfulness training is available to individuals and couples in the City Bowl. Skype coaching is available as well.