Mindfulness and Ethics in the MBA Classroom

The ability to turn everyday management practices into learning opportunities is not just the unique gift of a few; it can be taught to willing students. And it starts with mindfulness. Kosheek Sewchurran • January 24, 2019 Global events over the last several years have raised serious questions about leadership, both in the corporate [...]

Master Your Health with Yoga (Downloaded from the Website) Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental practice with origins in ancient India. It combines meditation and movement that helps the body and mind to stretch, balance, strengthen, and focus. Yoga has spread to the United States and it’s a popular alternative therapy practice and those who have obtained a [...]

Live More Mindfully – Article by Pieter van Zyl (March 2014)

Learning to live in the here and now is a powerful tool for coping with the stresses of everyday life and van bring peace of mind. LET each mouthful of food be a celebration of life. Experience that roast leg of lamb and potatoes served for Sunday lunch with all your senses: feel the texture on your tongue, savour the aroma and taste.

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy – By Linda Kantor

There is a story about William James, the foremost American psychologist who was lecturing at Harvard in the early 1900. James suddenly stopped when he recognized a visiting monk coming from Sri Lanka in the audience. Directing his attention to the monk he is reported to have offered his chair, “You are better equipped [...]

A Mind Full Of Running – Article by Catharina Robbertze

Run. Don't think about the report that has to be finished by Friday, the kids that have to be picked up from school, the idiot who drove behind you in this morning's school run, or the car that has to go in for a service. Don't even think about the next 10km. Just run. [...]