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Our spinning world!

Our world is speeding up. The sea of change we swim in is choppy, The demands of both family and work impact on both mind and body. Every moment our attention is pulled in many directions.

Our world seems to value individuals for what they produce rather than who they are, we are experts at preparing to live our lives, working hard to get somewhere, yet we are not so good at remembering that we are alive here and now.

It seems like we are swimming downstream whilst everyone is swimming upstream. “Hey”, they say, “it is this way”, whilst panting and gasping.


Mindfulness training

How can we be present in our lives?

How can we attend to the changes that happen moment by moment?

How can we create habits that impact positively on our state of mind?

How can choose to enter every moment with fresh awareness and curiosity?

Mindfulness cultivates equanimity and well-being. If we are awake to the moment, we can touch the happiness and peace that is available to us all the time.

We cannot stop the waves of our lives, but we can learn to ride them with more grace, peacefulness and wisdom. The present moment is the only moment.

My approach

I am a psychologist and yoga teacher. I have searched for many years for the most powerful interventions to help individuals cope with this ever-changing fast-paced world.

What I have to teach is simple, but in this day and age of outcome, not easy.

Our lives do not have to look the way we think they should. We do not have to fight so hard. There is more gained by learning to sit with ourselves in stillness whilst we observe what it is that is driving us. More to be gained by time-out instead of time-on.

Learn to be present to the moment, to flow with beauty and ride the tides. Touch the magic and mystery of work and life.

Can you see the possibility of knowing this truth; “you are perfect as you are”? That you have inside you all the wisdom that you need?

Wander through this website to find out more about mindfulness practice, to read about Be Awake, or simply to feel your breath right here and now!

I offer Corporate Interventions.

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